We will protect you

24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  We will watch out for your rights - even when you are on vacation.  IF you ever have a problem, we will be there to defend you ASAP.

fact: fcae/gae is the only organization in fulton county that automatically gives you free legal representation.

we will advocate for you

Every day, FCAE/GAE fight laws and policies that affect your profession, your standards, your classrooms, even your buses and cafeterias.  We have tackled issues ranging from - fair dismissal rights and health insurance benefits to reduced teacher workload and pay increases.  Tackled and won.

fact: fcae/gae have had more legislative victories than any other organization in georgia and fulton county.

we will support you

FCAE/GAE workshops and seminars are available to all members - from new to veteran teachers, ESPs, principals and paraprofessionals.

fact: Fcae/gae offer valuable professional development seminars designed to help educators be more effective, sharpen their skills, and achieve better results.

we will connect you

When you join FCAE/GAE you are connected on the local, state and national levels.

fact: we are a grassroots organization with more than 3.2 million members all across the country.

we will save you money

Your membership pays for itself.  Join FCAE/GAE and receive special discounts on restaurants, flowers, cleaning services, vacation packages, even oil changes.  Just flash your membership card.

fact: FCAE/GAe provide more benefits and discounts than any other education organization in georgia.